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Connecting tradition and progress


Starting point: The scientificization of life has long been a reality. In politics, descriptions, explanations and action strategies are therefore expected to conform to rational or scientific standards.

Methodology: The philosophical (axiological, epistemic, methodological and ontological) foundations of scientific research using the example of political science are discussed (philosophy of political science). A particular focus is on the philosophical foundations of practical sciences. The aim is to complement empirical political science with a practical one. To this end, political philosophy/political theory should be further developed into a practical political science.

Topics: I work on three topic areas using the practical methodology developed above: European Union, Social Security and Internet/Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Person: I am a philosopher and political scientist. I acquired my academic degrees, Magister Artium in Philosophy and Doctor Rerum Politicarum, from the University of Heidelberg. My homepage also contains links to my research interests, a list of my publications and my CV.

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